Amazing sewing tip/ Start hand sewing without a knot/ No thread tail also

12-10-2020 11:45
Amazing sewing tip - start sewing by hand without a knot and without a thread tail also. This technique is a part of my sewing tutorial How to thread a needle for hand sewing. Learn how to end a stitch, how to tie a knot in thread, how to use a thimble, how to hand sew a seam, also types of hand stitching. | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Quilters often think they would have no way to use an overlocker/serger in their process, but it can make tidy and speedy work of the binding process. Who wouldn’t love that? | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Learn how to choose the right thread for sewing projects with this detailed sewing tutorial. There are many types of sewing thread. Learn about all purpose threads, heavy duty threads, embroidery threads, brands of threads, how the thread is measured, etc. | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Learn how to sew placemats with this beginner friendly tutorial. As part of the Learn to Sew Series, this easy sewing project is perfect for absolute beginners. | sewing hacks for beginners videos

If you’re new to sewing or simply need a refresher on the basics, you’ll want to check out this tutorial for sewing curves! With these simple tips & tricks you’ll learn how to sew a curved seam so you can rock at sewing smooth curves every time! | sewing hacks for beginners videos

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