Sewing hacks: mitered corners tutorial / how to sew mitered quilt borders

12-10-2020 11:45
In this YouTube sewing tutorial I will show you how to sew mitered corners and how to miter a corner on a quilt. If you are looking for no fail mitered corners check out my ideas on how to sew a mitered corner binding and mitered quilt borders. | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Wie man Hosen im Schritt reparieren kann, zeige ich in diesem Blogartikel. Das ganze Video findest du auf meinem youtube-Kanal | einfach nähen lernen - Tipps und Tricks rund ums Nähen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Looking for inspiring ideas for thread and bobbin storage? Storing and organizing your spools and bobbins doesn’t have to cost you a thing when you make these bobbin storage ideas yourself! | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Quilters often think they would have no way to use an overlocker/serger in their process, but it can make tidy and speedy work of the binding process. Who wouldn’t love that? | sewing hacks for beginners videos

Learn how to choose the right thread for sewing projects with this detailed sewing tutorial. There are many types of sewing thread. Learn about all purpose threads, heavy duty threads, embroidery threads, brands of threads, how the thread is measured, etc. | sewing hacks for beginners videos

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