Tiny wardrobe with a big impact

22-05-2020 04:55
Little swaps do the magic even to the most basics outfit. | travel capsule wardrobe summer over 50

Looking for ideas for a Winter Capsule Wardrobe? When I find a few pieces that I can wear many ways, I tend to reach for them over and over again! Here are twelve pieces that you can wear twenty different ways! From a day at the office to a night on the town or a day running errands, these twelve versatile pieces are perfect for this winter! So easy to wear with some great basic pieces! | travel capsule wardrobe summer over 50

How to Create a French Capsule Wardrobe for Spring & Summer - MY CHIC OBSESSION | travel capsule wardrobe summer over 50

French Fashion Tips | capsule wardrobe work casual style

Here's a comment that comes up a lot when I talk about fair fashion here on the blog: "I would love to build a more ethical closet but I can't afford ethical br | capsule wardrobe how to build a budget

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