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Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Under $50

Today on the blog I wanted to create another capsule wardrobe post! I’ve enjoyed making these types of posts in the past and they’ve been some of the most popular I’ve written. If you’ve wanted to know how to put together a capsule wardrobe, then this is the post for you! In this post, I’m going share my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Under $50.

In this post, I’m going to list some spring wardrobe basics, capsule wardrobe shoes, and so much more! At the end of my post, I’ll even share a capsule wardrobe checklist that you can print off or look at when planning your own spring capsule wardrobe list. Even though we’re currently stuck indoors, this will be helpful for now and years to come!

Since I’ve been stuck in the house the past few weeks, I’ve decided to start crafting my wardrobe with spring essentials! I honestly am not a fan of warmer weather, except for the fact that I can wear super cute clothing. I’ve also always loved the concept of having a curated capsule wardrobe for each season too!

Now, creating the perfect wardrobe it not a simple task. Just putting together the pieces below took me a couple hours because I wanted to make the perfect capsule collection! The good news for you is that since I’ve created one, you don’t have to worry about it. Below is my spring capsule wardrobe (with color) and I hope you guys love it!

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Before I dive into the specifics of the items in my spring capsule wardrobe, I wanted to talk to a few capsule wardrobe essentials! These are items that I feel work throughout the year and help elevate your wardrobe from season to season. These are some of the best capsule wardrobe basics and things you should purchase first!

Some basics that I feel belong in every capsule wardrobe are a plain white tee, a pair of white sneakers, a trench coat, black sunglasses, and a pair of dark wash jeans! These items are affordable and easy to find most places. They also help to elevate any look no matter what you’re trying to create.

Tops + Sweaters

When it comes to finding tops and sweaters for a capsule wardrobe, it’s best to focus on the versatility of the items! I personally always try to opt for one to two tees, a couple blouses, and a few sweaters. These styles can be switched up depending on the time of the year, but generally this is a good rule of thumb!

For this spring capsule wardrobe, I really think a plain white tee and a striped tee are perfect. They can be worn with both outwear pieces and all of the bottom options! When it comes to tops, I love a classic white button up for the springtime. It looks very classic with light wash denim jeans or any other bottom in this post!

The second blouse I chose for this capsule wardrobe was a blush pink lace trim cami. No matter what the season, I love having a lace cami for work (and play). It looks good with a cardigan, jacket, and especially a blazer! That’s one reason I chose the cream cardigan in this wardrobe too. I also think the leopard print sweater and pink sweater add a little bit of color and fun to this otherwise minimalistic wardrobe!


For the bottoms I chose, I decided to go with three very basic pant options. I love a light and dark wash jean, so I added one of each! I also think for spring it’s great to have a pair of white jeans as well. All three are high waisted because I feel it’s the most flattering style. You can wear crop tops or tuck in longer shirts with a belt!

When it comes to skirts and shorts, I chose this pleated midi skirt and a pair of high waisted white shorts. I personally love pleated midi skirts no matter what the season! They’re another classic style that can look chic in any weather and this neutral style works perfectly with so many items in this collection!

I also am not a massive fan of shorts personally. I hate how my legs look in them and don’t like how they fit normally! That being said, I do appreciate a pair of high waisted or tie waist shorts occasionally. These that I chose for this capsule wardrobe are the perfect combination of both those things!


I personally think you only need a few dresses for a spring capsule wardrobe! The ones I chose are very easily styled with many different items. I think that’s what sets them apart! I wanted to choose two dresses that have a very flattering style and will work for many different body types!

Tie waist dresses are particularly flattering because they cinch the waist and make it the smallest part of your body! Then the skirt flows out beneath it which looks feminine and chic. I think adding a white dress and a dress that has a subtle pattern is the way to go when purchasing dresses for your capsule wardrobe!


Outerwear is one thing that works in almost every season except summer! That said, I think a jean jacket can work no matter what the time of year it is. For this spring capsule wardrobe, I think finding a trench coat and a jean jacket that work for you is ideal. It took me a while to find two that I love, but it was worth it!

If you’re looking to add a third outerwear piece, I suggest a fashionable raincoat! I have the resin jacket that is linked below, and it repels water like a charm. In tandem with an umbrella, it’s perfect for spring showers! Focusing on neutrals when it comes to outerwear is the best tip I can give and these three jackets do that perfectly.


When it comes to capsule wardrobe shoes, I always try to find pair that are affordable, yet stylish! I usually search for at least one pair of booties and the cognac colored ones are my favorites to ever exist! I wore them all over NYC when I lived/worked there for a summer and they changed my life.

I also think for spring that it’s the perfect time to start introducing sandals! For this spring capsule wardrobe, I found a nice tan block heel, a pair of leopard print platform espadrilles, and a flat woven criss-cross sandal. All are perfect to pair with multiple looks in this collection!

The last pair of shoes for this capsule wardrobe that I like are the white platform sneakers! I found a pair that I loved from Converse, but they were pretty expensive. Amazon has a ton of white platform shoes that are comfy, affordable, and still very well made that I suggest!


Accessories are the last step of any capsule wardrobe in my opinion! It’s best to see what colors, metals, and patterns you have before you purchase any accessories. For this capsule wardrobe, I thought having a woven bag with a golden handle and a faux leather bag with a tortoiseshell handle would be a great pair.

I love a traditional panama hat! I have a few in various colors myself, but my new favorite one is this darker brown style. It’s a nice, deep color and also matches well with the cognac booties that I chose too! I also think every wardrobe needs a neutral belt and a pair of black sunglasses such as the ones above.

Where to Shop for Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Now you might be wondering where you should shop for capsule wardrobe essentials! There are honestly so many places you can find styles similar to the ones I chose above (and even the exact ones I picked). When choosing spring wardrobe essentials, I usually start by finding the capsule wardrobe essentials I mentioned at the top of this post.

I then start looking into more trendy pieces of clothing and finding unique patterns for that season! For this season, leopard print is pretty huge. That’s why I chose a pair of leopard print shoes and a leopard print sweater! To finish out a capsule wardrobe, I then search for chic wardrobe essentials like the oversized sunglasses and woven bag with the gold handle.

Shop from my favorite retailers below:


Forever 21



J.Crew Factory

Abercrombie & Fitch


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